The big moment is just a couple days away now, ya’ll!! Things are happening really fast around here…the proof copy just came in for a final check before it goes into print! Who’s excited? We’ll keep you posted for the exact moment, so stay tuned so you don’t miss it! (If you subscribe to my blog, my website will automatically email you all blog posts the instant I post them!)

Here are a few details that will help you to get a head start on purchasing your copy of my book. I will be releasing A Lone Outsider on Amazon’s Kindle books within the next couple days. I will post a link to the Amazon page as soon as it is live. And for the first week only, it will be $6.25 – so make sure to check it out before the prices rise!

I can’t wait for the big moment!!! Happy trails till then!


Published by Andrew J. Pankratz

Andrew Pankratz is a story-teller, historian, and carpenter. He writes high adventure Christian westerns.

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