Hello Everyone!

I am exited to announce that A Lone Outsider is up for sale! It is now available on Amazon for just $6.25 (this week only) so make sure to get your copy before the prices rise! Click the link below to visit the page:

About this book:

  • Paper back softcover
  • Easy-to-read print
  • True-to-story illustrations that bring the descriptions to life
  • Includes bios of both author and illustrator
  • Chapter titles
  • A great read!

From the back cover:

Luke Tucker was ready to take a break. Nearly every man in his county, including his older brother Hoyt, had been away fighting the Yankees in the War for Southern Independence. He had tried to go fight in the army, but wound up being the sole lawman of a sprawling and wild county instead. Now everyone is coming home, and he can step down from the sheriff’s office. But no sooner than he resigned, did a cryptic message from his Uncle Jim arrive. To compound matters, Luke finds a warning tacked to his front door. Dogged by unseen enemies, Luke finds himself in the middle of a situation far bigger than he, or anyone else, ever thought it was. Ride with Luke Tucker and foil kidnappings, track a murderous gang in the gloomy hills, and come face to face with one of the most feared men alive!

“Read this book when you’re pining for a time when the good guys were good through and through, the bad guys rotten to the core-and they always got what they deserved in the end!”

-Paula B. James, Directer, Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington _________________________________________________________________________________________

Enjoy the read!

Published by Andrew J. Pankratz

Andrew Pankratz is a story-teller, historian, and carpenter. He writes high adventure Christian westerns.

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