New Venues

Hi Folks,

I hope everyone has had a good week.

I am excited to tell you that A Lone Outsider is now available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble! The release date is set to September 18th. A Lone Outsider is also now registered with Goodreads, so now you have the option of rating/reviewing it on there and sharing it with friends.

I am discounting the e-book to 0.00 on September 11th only, in recognition of all the military and first responders who died in the 9/11 attacks. If you know veterans or first responders that would like this book, please pass on the word to them and help me honor their sacrifices.

This is probably one of the last times I will discount the e-book to 0.00, so if you know someone who would like a copy, tell them about it. Even if you just want to have an e-book copy in addition to your print book, feel free to download one. Like I said, this is probably the last time, so make good use of it!

Also, I am releasing a new short story on Dusty Trails fairly soon. Ya’ll on the blog/email loop will get it a few days ahead of me posting it on the website. So keep your eyes open for that.

Best wishes,

Andrew J. Pankratz

Published by Andrew J. Pankratz

Andrew Pankratz is a story-teller, historian, and carpenter. He writes high adventure Christian westerns.

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