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The epic story of Sherlock Holmes in cowboy boots!
It seemed to most folks that Smoky Walker just suddenly materialized in the middle of bad situations. It was like a ghost that came in out of the desert.
Outlaws lived in fear of his appearance. They knew he was fast (after all, no one had ever drawn on him and lived to tell the tale), but what filled their hearts with dread was his ability to uncover crimes and clues and evidence that no one else ever thought of or found.
But for once, Smoky may have met his match- a ghost rustler who steals herds, only to disappear into thin air. The tracks head for the desert and then just stop, like a line had been drawn in the sand. Smoky could track Geronimo across bare rock, but could even he track a ghost rustler through thin air?


Excellent read. Keeps ones attention throughout the book, wondering who’s next. Very clever way of hidden points, right under your nose hiding points.
-Daniel on Goodreads.com

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