June 26 was a big day for me. That was when my first book, A Lone Outsider went live on the market! And what is the novel like? It’s when the strong, silent cowboy of classic westerns meets Sherlock Holmes! If you want more evidence, check out the free preview below!


“Buckle up and get your boots on for a rip-roaring yarn set in the Wild West of Texas during the days when guns spoke louder than laws! You’ll meet Luke Tucker, whose family served as the Law in West Texas during the War Between the States, as he sets off in response to a mysterious plea from his Uncle Jim. Even before leaving his home, he finds a warning omen – ‘You wanted by bad men’ – written on a piece of bark and tacked to his door during the night.

Sure enough, Luke finds himself waylaid by crews of cattle rustlers, thieves, gamblers and other reprobates as he sorts out the plot against his uncle. His gun and his knife come in handy, but his wits are his best weapon. Fighting through weather, terrain, injuries and enough bad guys to cause even the bravest to lose heart, he perseveres over all – a true son of his family, whose motto is ‘Tuckers Don’t Run’!

Read this book when you’re pining for a time when the good guys were good through and through, the bad guys were rotten to the core – and they always got what they deserved in the end! A fun book to read!”

-Paula B. James, Director, Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington

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