The Laughing Cavalier is on the market!

Haarlem was overshadowed with darkness by the events of the outside world. A popular political figure was on the scaffold, and war with Spain was immanent. The son of the departed politician allowed his anger to fester into a deep bitterness, which led him to construct an astonishing scheme to deprive the Prince of Orange…

Bass Reeves: Real-Life Legend

One of the greatest western legends that actually lived was the black lawman Bass Reeves. He served as a US Deputy Marshal under “Hanging Judge” Isaac Parker in Oklahoma, arresting over three thousand law breakers in his thirty-two year career. Reeves was born in July 1838 in Crawford County, Arkansas. He was the slave of…

But Weren’t Cowboys Good?

Everyone knows that the cowboys were the greatest heroes of the Wild West. The overwhelming evidence of the silver screen cannot be contradicted. Or can it? The modern conception of cowboys is along the lines of a John Wayne character- tough, a little rough around the edges, and perhaps overly bellicose, but still the good…

The epic story of Sherlock Holmes in cowboy boots! It seemed to most folks that Smoky Walker just suddenly materialized in the middle of bad situations. It was like a ghost that came in out of the desert. Outlaws lived in fear of his appearance. They knew he was fast (after all, no one had ever drawn on him and lived to tell the tale), but what filled their hearts with dread was his ability to uncover crimes and clues and evidence that no one else ever thought of or found. But for once, Smoky may have met his match- a ghost rustler who steals herds, only to disappear into thin air. The tracks head for the desert and then just stop, like a line had been drawn in the sand. Smoky could track Geronimo across bare rock, but could even he track a ghost rustler through thin air?

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Luke Tucker was up against superhuman odds. But then, Luke Tucker was no ordinary man. A cross between the strong, silent cowboy and Sherlock Holmes, he was a sheriff when he was twenty, and he had outshot three gunslicks, all at the same time! But that seemed tame compared to having famous assassins hunting him and a double-faced lawyer and the fastest man in the west planning his funeral! Luke may have to sacrifice everything, even his life, to save his uncle, a town, and the girl he loves from certain destruction!

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