The Cowboy and His Honor

“You’re a liar!” “No, I ain’t!” “Just lied again in denying it!” “Insult me once more, and I’ll plant you in boot hill!” We all know how this ends. On the surface, it seems to be a couple of cantankerous cowboys who are just spoiling for a fight. They seize on any little thing andContinue reading “The Cowboy and His Honor”

Gunfighters in the Wild West

By Andrew Pankratz The typical Western movie or novel ends with a glamorous gunfight on a dusty street. What could be more romantic, than a chance to publicly vindicate yourself, and have a few dozen witnesses to your proficiency with a gun? But did it ever actually happen? Wild Bill Hickok had public fight onContinue reading “Gunfighters in the Wild West”

Cowboy Food

What exactly did the cowboys eat on a cattle drive? They were driving cattle nearly every hour of daylight, and riding horses over rough ground, and fighting rougher longhorns. The rigorous work left the cowboys dog-tired and ready to eat a “whole mule and a hamper of greens.” According to Theodore Roosevelt, that literally couldContinue reading “Cowboy Food”

Big Medicine in the Wild West

In the early days of the Wild West, a band of Indians approached a priest and requested that he baptize them. The padre was delighted. However, to fulfill church policy, he inquired into the braves’ desire for baptism. The bronzed warriors replied that they wanted the Spanish medicine. (Medicine, to the Indians, was anything thatContinue reading “Big Medicine in the Wild West”

New Release!

The Ghost of Shanaghy Jones Hi Ya’ll, On the 28 of October, a brand new story will hit the market! I am releasing The Ghost of Shanaghy Jones. It is a free eBook that will be available on Barnes&Nobles and Amazon. The Ghost of Shanaghy Jones is another western story about “Sherlock Holmes in cowboyContinue reading “New Release!”


Since the advent of the dime novel and the motion picture, we have had no shortage of superhuman characters. The protagonist is always tougher than the toughest, braver than the bravest, or prettier than prettiest. None can match them in skill or in cunning. However, these have nearly all been idols- people we worship forContinue reading “Heroes”

New Venues

Hi Folks, I hope everyone has had a good week. I am excited to tell you that A Lone Outsider is now available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble! The release date is set to September 18th. A Lone Outsider is also now registered with Goodreads, so now you have the option of rating/reviewing itContinue reading “New Venues”

Limited Time Offer- E-Book Free in Kindle Store

Hi Folks, I’m writing to let you know that on Monday, and Monday alone, you can get your own free copy of A Lone Outsider! Simply go to on Monday, and click on ‘all formats and editions’. Select e-book, and then click ‘buy for $0.00’. A Lone Outsider will be delivered to your kindleContinue reading “Limited Time Offer- E-Book Free in Kindle Store”

Free E-books- Limited Time Only!

Hi Ya’ll, Circle this Friday and Saturday (10 & 11) on your calendar, because you don’t want to miss them! On these days, the A Lone Outsider e-book will be free for the taking! You can go right ahead and download your own free copy! You can find A Lone Outsider at If youContinue reading “Free E-books- Limited Time Only!”

‘A Lone Outsider’ E-book Available Soon!

Hey Ya’ll! Here’s a little heads up for you: I thought that all of you who enjoy online resources might want to know that A Lone Outsider is in the process of becoming an e-book! I have submitted it to Amazon for approval, a process which typically takes a couple of days. So keep yourContinue reading “‘A Lone Outsider’ E-book Available Soon!”


Hello Everyone! I am exited to announce that A Lone Outsider is up for sale! It is now available on Amazon for just $6.25 (this week only) so make sure to get your copy before the prices rise! Click the link below to visit the page: About this book: Paper back softcover Easy-to-read printContinue reading “IT’S HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!”