New Release!

The Ghost of Shanaghy Jones

Hi Ya’ll,

On the 28 of October, a brand new story will hit the market! I am releasing The Ghost of Shanaghy Jones. It is a free eBook that will be available on Barnes&Nobles and Amazon.

The Ghost of Shanaghy Jones is another western story about “Sherlock Holmes in cowboy boots”. Smoky Walker was a troubleshooter who spent his days making trouble for criminals. When he heard of a ghost rustler who stole herds of longhorns only to fade with the morning mist, he knew he had his work cut out for him.

The ghost rider was good, very good. But he didn’t count on Smoky’s tracking abilities. He ridden with the Kiowa for a few years, and fought with the Apache. Between the two of them, Smoky had learned to track a running Indian across bare rock. Smoky had never found a man who could leave behind no tracks- but then he’d never tracked a ghost through thin air!

Enjoy the read,


Published by Andrew J. Pankratz

Andrew Pankratz is a story-teller, historian, and carpenter. He writes high adventure Christian westerns.

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