The Laughing Cavalier is on the market!

Haarlem was overshadowed with darkness by the events of the outside world. A popular political figure was on the scaffold, and war with Spain was immanent. The son of the departed politician allowed his anger to fester into a deep bitterness, which led him to construct an astonishing scheme to deprive the Prince of OrangeContinue reading “The Laughing Cavalier is on the market!”

But Weren’t Cowboys Good?

Everyone knows that the cowboys were the greatest heroes of the Wild West. The overwhelming evidence of the silver screen cannot be contradicted. Or can it? The modern conception of cowboys is along the lines of a John Wayne character- tough, a little rough around the edges, and perhaps overly bellicose, but still the goodContinue reading “But Weren’t Cowboys Good?”

New Release!

The Ghost of Shanaghy Jones Hi Ya’ll, On the 28 of October, a brand new story will hit the market! I am releasing The Ghost of Shanaghy Jones. It is a free eBook that will be available on Barnes&Nobles and Amazon. The Ghost of Shanaghy Jones is another western story about “Sherlock Holmes in cowboyContinue reading “New Release!”