The Laughing Cavalier is on the market!

Haarlem was overshadowed with darkness by the events of the outside world. A popular political figure was on the scaffold, and war with Spain was immanent. The son of the departed politician allowed his anger to fester into a deep bitterness, which led him to construct an astonishing scheme to deprive the Prince of OrangeContinue reading “The Laughing Cavalier is on the market!”

Bass Reeves: Real-Life Legend

One of the greatest western legends that actually lived was the black lawman Bass Reeves. He served as a US Deputy Marshal under “Hanging Judge” Isaac Parker in Oklahoma, arresting over three thousand law breakers in his thirty-two year career. Reeves was born in July 1838 in Crawford County, Arkansas. He was the slave ofContinue reading “Bass Reeves: Real-Life Legend”


Since the advent of the dime novel and the motion picture, we have had no shortage of superhuman characters. The protagonist is always tougher than the toughest, braver than the bravest, or prettier than prettiest. None can match them in skill or in cunning. However, these have nearly all been idols- people we worship forContinue reading “Heroes”